Brands we love: Playa

Photos by Six Things

Photos by Six Things

Playa's stunning packaging adorned with their gorgeous rose gold logo first caught my eye on a beauty influencer’s bathroom shelf while scrolling through my instagram feed. When I delved deeper into the brand story I knew I had to try these products. This botanical-based hair-care line was created by the sea in Venice Beach, California. After living in an all too small apartment in NYC for far too long with dwindling inspiration, Playa’s founder, Shelby Wild, a former fashion stylist turned entreprenuer, moved to the West Coast in search of the space to create she so craved. Shelby landed in the eclectic sleepy beach town of Venice where her desk overlooks the ocean and she can pop out for an afternoon surf on any day the weather, and waves, permit.

Her story resonated with me, as I too spent far too many cold winters holed up in tiny dark apartments on the East Coast, no creative inspiration in sight, before finally heading West in search of sunshine. Playa’s origin story wasn’t the only aspect of the brand that excited me. As a huge proponent of the wash and go lifestyle and with rapidly dwindling bathroom cabinet space, I loved the idea of a line build with only five key products.  

So I jumped at the chance to try some of the collection myself.


The shampoo.

Like any good hair routine, the care of one’s luscious locks should begin with a solid shampoo. Playa’s exceeded all of my expectations from its botanical smells to its luxurious textures. The shampoo lathered perfectly and smelled of such fresh botanical scents that am not entirely convinced it wasn't concocted in someones kitchen haircare lab. My hair felt clean and hydrated, something unusual for me with just shampoo alone. It even got tangles out of my hair - something I’ve only ever been able to accomplish in the shower with a solid conditioner.


The conditioner.

But then came the conditioner! Its faint coconut-y smell invoked feelings of laying on the beach of a private island somewhere when I closed my eyes. The thick formula allows for only a small dab of product, but left me feeling like my professional deep conditioning treatment and made my shower feel more like a steamy aromatic spa. After my shower my hair was a breeze to style and my flyaways were all but nonexistent, leaving only smooth silky strands reminiscent of an expensive blowout appointment. 


The dry shampoo.

The biggest surprise however for me was the dry shampoo. I had almost given up on ever finding a dry shampoo I could stand, let alone use on a regular basis, when along comes Playa, hot on the scene. Unlike any other dry shampoo spray I’ve used before (and let me tell you, I’ve tried a ton!) Playa left my hair feeling as fresh and clean as if I just washed on day three after my last shampoo. The powdery feel I had come to expect from dry shampoo products was nowhere to be found. I didn’t have residue on my palms every time I ran my hands through my hair, which is my biggest gripe with most dry shampoos I’ve tried. And it comes as no surprise that, like all the products I tried from Playa, it smelled delicious to boot.


After just a couple weeks of consistent use with my Playa products I feel like my hair is healthier feeling than it’s been in years. I am converted, and proud to display Playa’s gorgeous and useful products in my own bathroom #shelfie 

Julia Silva