How To Write An Irresistible Headline


Wondering how to come up with headlines people just HAVE to click on? We've got your back. These will hacks teach you six surefire ways to up your headline game and reel readers in.

1. Start with a bang, finish with a flourish.

Studies have shown that the first and last three words really have to pack a punch! For longer headlines, try our the the “[Amazing Headline]: Subhead” format and incorporate the most important content at the head and rear!

2. Dump the questions.

Betteridge’s “Law of Headlines” states that any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word “no.” Don’t give your readers an excuse to scroll past your content! Instead, shuffle around the words to make a bold statement.

3. Take a page out of a professional's handbook.

No better way to convince readers to click than a professional promise. Use the “[Do Something] Like a [Professional]” format to convince readers that they can be just as great as the pros.

4. Mention the secret sauce.

Everyone loves a good secret. Sharing insider knowledge or being transparent about your methods is a great way to build trust and pique reader interest. Use “The Secret to [Skill]” to get people curious about what they’re missing out on!

5. Give 'em some instructions.

People always appreciate a roadmap, which is why the “How-To” headline is a great way to inspire readers with some much-needed reassurance. It’s straight-to-the-point and simple: a guaranteed crowd pleaser!   

6. Talk timelines.

People are impatient these days! They don’t want to wait for an unspecified period of time before they see results. Readers want to know how long they have to #WORK for, so frame your promise in a reasonable time frame!

Pratima Manga