Inboxes > Instagram: Why Newsletters Still Matter


Move over Facebook!  With the constantly shifting newsfeed algorithms, reaching your fans on social media can be a challenge. So while everyone may be talking about Instagram and Facebook and Snapchat (oh my!), the reigning queen of user engagement is still the good ol’ newsletter. Read on to find out why you might want to spend more time building your newsletter subscribers and less time worrying about followers.

Everybody's Doing It

Seriost people start and end their day with a visit to their trusty inbox! Interns, executives and coupon moms alike check their email at least once a day, so you can bet that your content will be seen.

Besides, social media cleanses might be all the rage right now but nobody’s ever heard of an “email cleanse.”

Hit Those Higher Engagement Rates

Social media is perfect for short and sweet user engagements! But longer, more content-rich posts? Not so much.

Email traditionally has higher engagement rates because users don’t have the option to quickly scroll past your content. Unlike the muddled Timeline and Newsfeed, their inboxes are easy-to-navigate, sort and save for later. This means that users can come back to a newsletter and continue reading when it's more convenient for them.

Once you scroll past that cute cat video on your Facebook, good luck finding it again!

Communication You Can Control

Add your personality to the newsletter you’re sending out! Email interactions are so versatile because you have the power to design every detail, from the links you embed to the colors you use. 

Don’t be limited by the social media platform that makes every brands' posts look pretty much the same. Newsletters make it easy to incorporate more information without creating a dreadfully redundant user experience. Plus, you can always fire off test emails to yourself and see what needs tweaking.

Go ahead, make that title bright pink and BOLD!

Test What Works

Again, when you post on social media channels, all your followers are getting the same thing. With a newsletter, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Vary the copy, change the links, switch up the format: nobody’s stopping you! A/B Testing can provide valuable insight as to which content works best, which colors get the highest click through rates and whether or not emojis will boost your open rates, so that you can continue tweaking to get the best possible experience for your user.


Make 'Em Feel Special

Newsletters give you the opportunity to make your reader feel valued! You can personalize the greeting or switch up the content based on past interactions. Promotional emails can also be tailored to the user’s liking.

Did they click a link last time? Better add something similar in! If you're an e-commerce site, reminding a user that they left something in their shopping cart can be a revenue game changer.

Integrate Social Media

The great part about newsletters is that you don’t have to pick and choose between channels. Add a social media bar at the bottom to let your readers explore your Instagram! Or feature one of your favorite Facebook posts!

Remember - different marketing tools work in different ways, so mix up your marketing efforts for the highest return on your investment. Just don't forget about tried and true email marketing - you'll regret it!

Pratima Manga