The Keys to Authentic Automation


There are serious perks when it comes to automating your email marketing campaigns: wider reach, increased efficiency, easier scaling. But those perks start disappearing when your audience starts unsubscribing because they feel like they're talking to a robot. Is it possible to automate your emails while maintaining the authenticity of your brand? Read on for tips and tricks to make your email sound like it’s personalized and, you know, from a human. 

Show some personality.

People love interacting with other people because everyone is craving connection. The best way to retain your users, even while using automation, is to put as much of your personality into the emails as possible. Nobody can represent your brand and values better than you, so incorporate your voice into your newsletters, welcome emails and even drip campaigns to make them sound more authentic!

  • Try writing the content the way you would speak it to a user.
  • Throwing in social media handles at the end.
  • Sending  test emails to make sure you end up in the “Primary” folder.
  • Signing off with a personal note and your name.

Your subscribers want to talk to you, not “the marketing team.”

Segment your users.

When you send your audience irrelevant content, you're practically begging them to unsubscribe. Odds are your readers come from a wide variety of interests, regions and backgrounds. When you combine automation with powerful segmentation, you're able provide relevant information to different groups of people - this makes your audience feel catered to, ultimately increasing their brand loyalty. 

  • Try splitting up your users based on geography, age, gender and more to tailor specific content to different groups. 
  • One example we love is city-specific flash sales. Ex: "A special treat just for our New York squad." 

Keep it short and sweet.

Time is valuable and no one, not even your mom, wants to spend an entire afternoon reading through your seventeen paragraph email. So don't ask them to! Keep your content short and sweet. This way, you can reach out more frequently without seeming overbearing AND ensure that your content is being read rather than skimmed or deleted.

  • Try ending with a call-to-action to keep them engaged.

Happy Emailing! 


Pratima Manga