The Perks of Giving Back


Blake Mycoskie, founder of global shoe and apparel brand TOMS, was shaken when he realized on a vacation to Argentina that access to footwear was a huge issue; during a volunteering stint in the country, he envisioned his next big business idea. Giving back can benefit your career in a positive way and here are three reasons to start giving today.

Inspiration Awaits

As silly as it sounds, taking a step away from your big business problems might be the key to solving them! When you’re focused on giving a talk to schoolchildren or taking the time to advise a college student, you might realize the voids which need to be filled and how to tackle them.

The personal fulfillment which comes with helping others will leave you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. It will leave you ready to tackle your professional challenges even with minimal time and financial sacrifice.

Mentorship and Networking

Many successful individuals had a mentor to show them the reins of the industry and advise them in career choices. Being part of the workforce puts you in that unique position to be able to do that for someone else! Whether an elementary school student who isn’t sure what they want to be or a recent graduate seeking guidance, lending your knowledge can make a powerful impact on their lives and decisions.

The conversations you have with the people you’re helping also opens many doors to meet and network with many professionals. Contributing your time or funds can put you in contact with other influencers, who in turn just might be your next bosses or coworkers!

Learn New Skills

Outside of your industry, there often aren’t opportunities to learn new skills. Volunteering your time is a wonderful way to learn both hard and soft skills. Communication with others, fundraising and teaching are all valuable skills which often come out of a volunteer opportunity!

What are you waiting for? There are many people in need in many different ways: you have the chance to make a difference today!

Pratima Manga