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BKBeastmode -

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 denver, co


the challenge - 

Brooklyn Boulders came to us with a desire to test human performance against elements of fitness, climbing, problem solving, and mental fortitude. We got our hands dirty to create the nation-wide, partner based training competition known as BKBeastmode.


six things helped us create a plan to launch, market and execute bkbeastmode from scratch. their work has an impact well beyond the scope of this copetition into the overall Bkb event strategy.”

tim ryan, national events and launch manager at brooklyn boulders

the beta -

We built the curriculum, executed an internal buzz campaign and launched the inaugural BKBeastmode as an invite only competition exclusive to the the Brooklyn Boulders staff. Our goal was to boost company culture while reinforcing the newly developed Brooklyn Boulders training methodology. After two successful staff competitions, it became clear that members of the community wanted to compete as well.


the momentum -

BKBeastmode has since become a public facing event series, designed to unite guests and members of Brooklyn Boulders across the nation. Qualifiers are held at each facility, where all “beasts” have the chance to compete. the scores are then calculated and the top ten teams are invited to compete for the crown, undergoing a series of grueling mind-body challenges at finals.



 the swag -

after having honed the voice and tone for the competition series, we dove into collateral design, building a buzz around the competition with limited edition apparel for contestants, coaches, judges and spectators. We elevated the experience for each finals contestant by presenting them with their competition apparel in a custom designed package.

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