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BKBx -

brand discovery workshop - brand book - logo - naming - launch strategy

 cambridge, ma



the mission- 

the brooklyn boulders team approached us with a brand new concept to fit within their larger, fitness-as-a-lifestyle brand portfolio: a small group training hub designed to enhance real world performance in the outdoors. inspired by adventure, driven by data and anchored in community, our mission was to give that concept a name, a brand identity and a launch strategy to catapult it successfully into the world.


working with six things was an agile and imaginative process. they dove in deep with us to create and launch a new brand in a new market both powerfully and efficiently.”

andrew ching, creative director at brooklyn boulders

the direction -

we kicked off our enagement with a brand discovery workshop, the outcomes of which ammounted to a series of conceptual moodboards containing positioning statements, key messages and thematic imagery for the direction of the brand. rooted in space, centrality, connection and adventure, we began to construct a new member of the brooklyn boulders brand family that would champion the product offering, support the business goals and usher the parent company into the future. We named the concept bkbx, a mysterious evolution and addition to the “bkb experience.”


the logo - 

equipped with a name and an understanding of the team’s desired aesthetic, our designers set out to deliver a suite of logo treatment options that fullfilled distinct bkbx brand criteria while marrying well with the form, symbolism and storytelling behind the parent logo. We settled on moon rising, a logo form inspired by uncharted territory, the allure of the cosmos and the rhythm of constant change. the x serves as a standalone brand mark, mysteriously noting that “x marks the spot”.

BKBX Dark Lockup (1).png
BKBX 18B.png

the brand -

Ultimately, we took bkbx from a completely blank slate to a fully built out brand. We gave voice to their mission and vision, developed a tagline with staying power, distilled their philosophy and methodology, and established clear, scalable brand guidelines and visual standards.


the colors - 

rosette nebula
web: #ff0048
cmyk: 0 100 71 0
bubble nebula
web: #00ff83
cmyk: 100 0 36 0
bubble nebula
web: #00e9ff
cmyk: 100 9 0 0
orion nebula
web: #ff00c0
cmyk: 0 100 25 0