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Evolve is an app that helps people learn about their own dating patterns so they can make smarter decisions that lead to more meaningful relationships.


With a concept for an app that would help users reflect on their experiences, learn from their mistakes and uncover hidden patterns in their relationship history, Evolve's Founder and CEO reached out to Six Things to turn his vision into an intuitive, delightful technology.

Understanding the problem.

We kicked things off with an in-depth user research study that would inform product strategy, core features and use cases for the app. We conducted interviews with hopeful romantics across the country, learning about their dating experiences, behaviors and goals. We learned that most 21st century digital daters use multiple platforms and become overwhelmed by the volume of eligible partners they encounter. We also learned that people tend to get distracted easily, losing sight of their primary relationship goals when faced with so much stimuli. 



Running a successful beta.

With the prototype in hand, we dove into Evolve's beta, soliciting feedback from a series of user tests to inform product and brand direction. We developed assumptions about the user’s journey, actions they would take, roadblocks they would face and opportunities for continued engagement. We paired different versions of language and imagery to refine calls to action, product positioning and brand voice. And we prioritized product and brand development around areas of greatest traction.





Brand Colors
Building a brand identity.

After the beta was in full swing, we tackled Evolve’s brand identity, refining the messaging, positioning and visual standards for the brand. We hosted a half-day Brand Discovery Workshop filled with creative exercises designed to unite the founding team around a mission, vision and core values they could stand on. We played games like Elevator Pitch Charades and Target Market Madlibs, built color story collages and closed out with a tequila-infused Namestorming exercise. (Evolve, which spells love backwards, was the winner.) The workshop left us feeling inspired and aligned around the construction of a Brand Book that brought Evolve’s identity to life. 

The Evolve Brand Book contents: 
Mission, Vision, Core Values, Persona Archetypes, Detailed Personas, Core Positioning Matrix, Words We Own, Audience-Specific Elevator Pitches, Taglines, Color Story 


Evolve Brand Book 08.jpg

Evolve Brand Book 05 copy.jpg

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