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Meet Alex and Alexa.

Alexandra Rogers (Alex) and Alexa Nicholls Costa are Nurse Practitioners, entrepreneurs and the masterminds behind LexRx, a boutique practice that specializes in lips, lines, and lashes--nothing more, nothing less. They pride themselves on their ultra-conservative approach to BOTOX and dermal filler treatments, expertly blending art, science, passion and precision to ensure that they enhance their clients' natural beauty. Their clients appreciate the unique level of expertise and commitment they bring to provide the very best non-invasive injectable treatments.


Why do you do what you do?

At LexRx, we are using our Nurse Practitioner experience to help empower our clients. We are committed to bringing passion, intelligence, and creativity to medicine while empowering both men and women. We hope to reduce--and some day eliminate--the stigmas and shame that were once associated with injectable cosmetic procedures. We have thoughtfully created a trademarked menu of services, 'The LineUp,' which depicts realistic facial illustrations to help clients feel comfortable identifying the area(s) they want to enhance/improve, and the treatment(s) we recommend for their unique needs. We personally consult and discuss a strategy with each client, which is part of our full-service commitment.

How do you balance your working relationship and your friendship?

We met during our first clinical courses at Regis College as classmates in the Accelerated BSN/MSN program. Our friendship grew quickly and after realizing our shared passion for this industry--and our names! We understand and appreciate our unique strengths that make this a truly fulfilling partnership. We make sure to spend time together doing things that we love (aside from aesthetic medicine), such as spin classes, training for the Boston Marathon, and going out for dinner with our husbands. Although a lot of our time spent talking is about LexRx, we prioritize investing each other's personal lives as well--after all, our friendship came first!

Tell us about a failure you're grateful for.

Our business venture has not come without challenges--however, these challenges have helped create a strong foundation and platform for success. LexRx is the product of a major re-branding endeavor that took place during much of 2016. Through our rebranding process, we sought to disrupt norms in the industry, creating the first-ever, injectables-only practice embodying sass, class, sophistication and poise in the ever-changing field of medicine. We launched as "TheLexNPs" in 2015, with a focus on both tradition practice and concierge medicine. We quickly realized that "TheLexNPs" was a difficult practice name for many reasons, and that concierge medicine may not be sustainable for long term growth in practice. While we would not categorize our first year as a failure, we are certainly grateful for the journey that has brought us to where we are today. In business it's important to remain humble, all while celebrating each success no matter how small or grand it may be.

Where do you go to get inspired?

Alli Webb, the mastermind behind Drybar, was an inspiration for us as we built LexRx. We modeled much of our marketing and business approach after the market's response to specialty services--which was spearheaded by Drybar. Drybar focuses solely on blow-outs; and similarly, LexRx focuses strictly on lips, lines, and lashes. We are both experts in our crafts. Some of the most successful businesses are those that are focused and diligent--identifying small, but profitable segments of larger industries Our limited service menu is easy to follow, relatable, and trustworthy--delivering impeccable results and unparalleled experiences.

When you were kids, what did you each want to be when you grew up?

Alex: I have always loved being busy, and I love to learn, so I knew I wanted a job that would be fulfilling in that way. I thought I would maybe become a doctor or nurse when I was a kid. I then learned about the rewarding and autonomous Nurse Practitioner role and I knew it would be a great career for me.

Alexa: I always knew that I would end up in a career that allowed me to blend art and science. Similarly to Alex, I have always enjoyed living a life grounded in education and experience. From my undergraduate education at Boston University, to my experience working in clinical research at Massachusetts General Hospital in Plastic Surgery, I truly believe that passion and purpose align themselves in our lives; I believe everything really does happen for a reason, and I am thankful everyday for the joy and excitement my education and career as a Nurse Practitioner has brought me thus far.

What's the biggest lesson you've learned working together?

We are constantly talking throughout each day to ensure we are on the same page, both professionally and personally. We are very open with one another, and supportive of each other’s work-life balance. It is important to take time to reflect and remember what brought us together from the beginning, and that is our common love and appreciation for life, love, family and laughter. Communication and openness is key when it comes to being successful business partners, and we have developed a foundation for longevity.

You can follow LexRx on Facebook here, Instagram @LexRx and Twitter @TheLexRx
If you're Boston based, be sure to check out their Newbury Street location. 

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