The Tip of the Iceberg with Caroline Juen


Meet Caroline. Caroline Juen is the unofficial Queen of Los Angeles and the creator of the lifestyle blog Love & Loathing LA where she writes about everything from food, fashion, to fun within the City of Angels! Her stunning photography and snarky take on this wild city our team calls home, makes Caroline one of our favorite people to follow on Instagram and keeps Love & Loathing LA at the top of our list of weekly blog reads. 


Why do you do what you do?

My goal and intention having started Love & Loathing LA was to build a closer community for this city of transplants, as well as break down common misconceptions and stereotypes about this very misunderstood city and give people plenty of reasons to love and appreciate it instead. And at the end of the day, I love connecting with people. I love feeling like I'm constantly making friends and if I can in some small shape or form help locals and travelers feel more at home and less intimidated in Los Angeles, I'm doing my job.

What is one thing you hope never changes?

Appreciation for quality, intelligent, well thought out content, and not content for contents sake.

When do you feel most alive?

When I'm out of my mind busy and stressed. This may sound odd, but I absolutely love stress. Stress is not a negative thing to me these days, it means things are happening, I'm moving forward, I'm learning, growing, experiencing - all that good stuff. Of course stress has its consequences but I've made a concerted effort in the past few years to look at stress differently, and I've never been happier.

What are you really good at, but kind of embarrassed that you're so good at it?

Oo! Well. I'm extraordinarily good at drinking wine. I can take down a bottle with the greatest of ease, and that is a bit embarrassing.

What's the hardest lesson you've had to learn?

In particular to the world of freelance, I'm constantly reminded that nothing is guaranteed.

What's the title of the current chapter of your life?

 The Tip of the Iceberg

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