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Meet Chloe Parks, the Art Director at Girlboss Media here in Los Angeles. As if championing the creative direction of a growing empire doesn't keep her busy enough, she also writes and acts in a comedy project called Garage Girls that she created with her best friend, Sara McGrath. We got to catch up with Chloe at her stunning home and ask her six of our favorite questions. 


Why do you do what you do?

I love creative strategy. Our team is quite small at Girlboss, so I'm heavily involved in every aspect of design, from graphic design for the site to creative direction for our Girlboss Rally conferences. It's been a while since I've been on such a small team, and I forgot how amazing it is to wear so many hats and be able to see the effects of your work in real time. 

In Girlboss I finally feel like I've found a career-home. My previous jobs weren't perfect fits, and I was always straining to match the aesthetic or tone of the company. I would hide my tattoos, soften my ideas, or present designs I didn't love in an effort to fit in. But no longer!! At Girlboss, and under Sophia Amoruso's powerful leadership, I feel relaxed. What we make is so cool, smart, and funny and it's such a fantastic feeling when your personal interests and your career can align. 

Outside of Girlboss, I've recently given myself permission to explore a career in performing. My partnership with my best friend, writer and genius extraordinaire, Sara McGrath, has finally created a space that has made me feel confident and capable of pursuing a dream that I've held onto quietly since childhood. We're working on pitching and financing our comedy project, Garage Girls, and can't wait to get it off the ground.

What is the best compliment you've ever received?

That I bring positive energy into spaces. My friend and mentor, photographer Emman Montalvan, has the most effervescent, contagious positive energy, and he completely defines social and professional settings with it. I learned from him early on in my career that if you're in a leadership position, your attitude and energy can be a pillar that others can depend on, and I've taken this to heart. You can be the person everyone wants to be around by acting like that person. Will your positivity into existence!!


Where do you thrive?

 I love the more performative aspects of my career: being on set, in front of clients, etc. I feel the most in my element when I'm thinking on my feet, making people laugh, and leading the group towards a shared goal. I recently gave a talk at USC and left on the verge of joy-tears from how much I enjoyed speaking to the group (especially a group of adorable, impressionable twenty-somethings who want to follow me on Instagram).

What's the quirkiest part of your weekly or daily routine?

I change locations in the Girlboss office probably every 45 minutes. I'm working in the kitchen, then I'm working outside, then I'm hiding in a conference room. I'm naturally an antsy person but sometimes it seems excessive to be doing musical chairs all day on my own accord, haha.


If you could only have one app on your phone, what would it be?

Instagram. If their desktop experience was better perhaps I wouldn't say that--but it's necessary for my job, for finding inspiration, and as an outlet for my comedy.

What's the biggest lesson you learned this past year?

You are alone. And to that I say, so what!! You always have been, you're just realizing it now. So what do you actually want for your life when it's just you? 

I've been trying to listen deeply to my own desires, not what I am expected to want or what I've presumed ought to be my path. I'm trying to release myself from any self-fulfilling prophecies, and to understand that I can do and go wherever I want in life.

Follow Chloe on Instagram @chlob and follow Garage Girls @garagegirlstv

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