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Former New York attorney Inbal Baum followed her heart and passion to Tel Aviv where she founded Israel’s leading culinary tour company, Delicious Israel. With food and travel now central to her life, Inbal also writes for Fodor's Guidebook, Amex Essentials, and Travel + Leisure.


Why do you do what you do?

After testing out a few different career paths, I realized I was going about choosing my jobs the wrong way. I was picking the job that sounded good, then would realize that the day-to-day did not match my expectations or what I loved. So I decided to choose my path a different way - I made lists of what I actually want to do with my days, which then led me to choose the career. That process worked! I do what I do because I love the intersection of food, travel, connecting with people and Israel - main passions on those lists that I made.

What is the best compliment you've ever received?

A number of years ago I hosted a wonderful couple on a tour celebrating the husband's birthday. The morning of the tour they got notice that their beloved dog had passed away. By the end of the day they told me that thanks to my energy and attention they had managed to be in the present with their celebration (of the birthday, as well as commemorating their dog). What a compliment! To be able to be part of someone’s family memories and to help them be in the Now was truly an honor. It allowed me to realize that change can happen at a very intimate level.

Where do you thrive?

With people, after sharing a connection and some good laughs. I am very much an extrovert and gain so much energy being outside (preferably near the beach) learning about people and the world.

What's one bad habit you can't seem to shake?

I still have a security blanket. An actual blanket, not the metaphor. Now that I have a baby who has her blankie, do I have to get rid of sleeping with mine?

What's the best idea you've heard recently?

My husband is publishing a technical book about Progressive Web Apps, so I am often hearing interesting ideas about the direction the internet is headed.

What's the biggest lesson you learned this past year?

My past year involved some seriously big lessons; I gave birth to my amazing daughter, which means I am getting smacked in the face with lessons left and right. The most meaningful lesson that I learned is that it is possible to have it "all", as long as I am constantly redefining what “all” means to me.

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