Walk the talk with Eva & Jane


Meet Eva and Jane. These co-founders recently relocated to the heart of Silicon Beach, in Santa Monica, CA, to grow Launch Pop, a incubation lab for entrepreneurs and startups. Eva Chan and Jane Lee help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life - whether it’s a startup, a campaign or a new product line, their launch lab is designed to test, learn, pivot and scale. They’re a collaborative team that is always willing to get their hands dirty and will challenge founders to move smarter and faster by going through their lab process.

Why do you do what you do?

Eva: We always enjoy grabbing coffee with friends and even strangers to hear their story and their entrepreneurial ideas. Giving advice, making introductions and even finding resources was always something I love to make time for. So it was natural for us to partner, start Launch Pop and spend our days helping founders launch their companies.

Jane: Helping other entrepreneurs achieve their goals/dreams is very important to us. Starting a company by yourself is very scary and lonely. We've been there, and if Launch Pop existed when I started my first company, I would have definitely applied. Knowing how hard launching a company is from a business and emotional perspective, it’s important for our team to embed ourselves with our startups like we are a part of their team. The best day is always launch day when we get to witness the founders see all their hard work come to life.


How do you balance your working relationship and your friendship?

Eva: We are co-founders, best friends and also roommates! Many people ask us how we make things work and surprisingly we've found that we've moved faster and bolder because of our close proximity and increased trust. There was definitely a learning curve for our relationship when we started Launch Pop together but we got through it because we respect each other as humans and also as business partners. We have very complimentary skill sets so we depend on each other to make Launch Pop the best it can be.

Jane: There is really no separation of work or play in our lives. We act the same with each other as we are working and while we're out as well. Making Launch Pop successful is our life's mission so we don't think of it as "work."

If you could make one rule that everyone in the world had to follow, what would it be?

Eva: Not to be a downer but it would be to not murder anyone.

Jane: On a lighter note, one rule would be to walk the talk.

How do you decide which risks are worth taking?

The risks worth taking have always been the ones that scare us the most. We know we should always test the idea out when we get nervous about it.


What hidden talent do you each have?

Eva: I can rip a worm with my fingers (for fishing purposes).

Jane: I can pop and lock.

What's the hardest lesson you've learned as co-founders?

The hardest lesson we've learned as co-founders is that we have to be okay with all the lessons. It's so important to enjoy the process. Once you know how to enjoy the process, you can really start taking bigger risks and being bolder with your moves.

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