Jess Puccinelli + Haute Hope


Meet Jess.

Jess Puccinelli can't sit still. Founder of Haute Hope, a socially conscious gifting studio - she spends her days working with companies that give back, speaking on entrepreneurship and dreaming up dope collaborations. In between that she can be found riding her 1986 Peugeot, running/hiking L.A. trails, and scouring thrift stores for one of a kind pieces.


What is the best compliment you've ever received?

"You don't take yourself too seriously."

Where do you thrive?

 Literally: Outside. Metaphorically: Whenever I'm seeing an idea come to fruition, whenever I'm creating and using my hands, whenever I'm connecting people and cultivating spaces where worlds get to collide.

What's one bad habit you can't seem to shake?

 I'm getting better but, I'm notorious for falling asleep on the couch late at night. I should elaborate, by late at night I mean 8:30-ish. It's the worst! My sleep is totally disrupted, my nighttime routine is a mess and it annoys the crap out of my husband.

What's the best idea you've heard recently?

Ooh! came up with a turban style shower cap and it's glorious. If you rock a cap on a regular basis you know what a genius idea this is. As a matter of fact, I'd bet most women have had the thought at some point, "somebody should improve the design of a shower cap." I know I did!

How do you unplug?

Well, I'm an avid thrifter. After a long day I decompress by searching for treasures at a Goodwill or thrift stores nearby. Additionally, I love to be outside - I ride my bike often and run/hike throughout L.A. Oh, and this summer I'm hoping to be painting more and tending to my newly built vegetable garden.

What's the biggest lesson you learned this past year?

That I'm better when I take care of myself first and foremost. It's goes against my entire make up, but goodness I'm a relaxed, high functioning, creative person when I do. For me this looks like, eating more of the foods that make me feel good, getting 7+ hours of sleep, creating a concise to-do list, and getting my sweat on in some capacity.

You can follow Jess on Instagram at @jesspuccinelli
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