Rachel and Meredith + Forty Winks

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Meet Rachel and Meredith, founders of Forty Winks, a lingerie shop in Cambridge, MA that aims to provide people with well-fitting lingerie that makes them feel confident every day. Together with their team of bra-fitters, this duo is working to change the perception that finding quality underthings has to be a difficult experience.


Why do you do what you do?

 It feels really good to hear the words "this is the easiest bra shopping has ever been" and to know that we've provided an experience that's made someone's day easier. And also, because we 100% believe that brick and mortar retail is what builds a strong local economy. In the wake of internet sales, soaring rents and a shaky economy, staying open isn't always easy, but we believe it's the right thing to do.

How do you balance your working relationship and your friendship?

We consider ourselves super lucky to be real life friends as well as business partners. The balance comes from a sincere mutual respect for the other person's life outside of work and from being able turn off our work brains when we're together after hours.

Tell us about a failure you're grateful for.

When we first opened we also sold jewelry, scarves and even some daywear. Our first week in business people were coming in, completely ignoring these offerings and asking for more sizes and styles in the lingerie. What quickly became apparent was that people wanted a lingerie boutique that sold lingerie and that wasn't trying to wear too many hats. So we discounted the scarves and daywear at the end of the season and have only sold bras, undies and nightwear ever since. Our initial mistake was not believing in our niche hard enough but it's never happened again.

Where do you go to get inspired?

Other female owned businesses!

When you were kids, what did you each want to be when you grew up?

A pilot (Rachel) and an art historian (Meredith).

What's the biggest lesson you learned working together?

To honor each other's individual strengths and opinions. We don't always agree but we both know that each of us has Forty Winks' best interest at heart. When you know and trust this it makes everything easier.

You can find Forty Winks all over the internet @FortyWinksHS

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