Ridhi Tariyal + NextGen Jane


Meet Ridhi.

A health care entrepreneur, a big believer in using technology to provide agency in women's lives and co-founder of smart tampon startup NextGen Jane. When Ridhi is not working on her startup, she is likely thinking about how to craft the optimal running playlist, how to perfect the base of her latest curry or passively consuming memes on IG looking for the perfect encapsulation of our collective emotional response at the latest internet obsession.


What is the best compliment you've ever received?

When people at the gym tell me that I'm strong. I came to strength training late in my life and it tickles me to think that it's paying off or manifesting in ways that others can actually see. It also motivates me to keep going.

Where do you thrive?

In deep discussions with life long friends, over bottomless pots of homemade chai and too many pastries, where I can discuss hard things and feel safe and push the limits of my thinking and challenge my very belief systems without getting defensive. That's where I am maximally, my most authentic self.

What's one bad habit you can't seem to shake?

I have the capacity to play out different scenarios in my head to an excruciating degree. There's an upside and downside to this--as there is to any extreme behavior mode. The upside is that I can usually think of every permutation of possibility and be prepared for almost any eventuality. The downside is that I experience and fret over a great many things that have a low probability of actualization, which can be unnecessarily stressful. There's nothing good about stress you take on for no damn reason!

What's the best idea you've heard recently?

Ohmigosh, I thought you said best idea I had lately! I wrote the answer already so is it ok to leave it? 😊 

Here it is--ready? Jack Bauer Political Hour. You know how we all have this insidious / less than ideal tendency to form an opinion for some confluence of reasons and then cherry pick data to support our thesis developed before we were presented with the facts...? 

What if we heard fictional characters who we had bought into for years, I use Jack Bauer as an example but it could be anyone, articulate the contra perspective. When you hear talking heads whose political persuasion you already know opine on something, you're already gritting your teeth and tuning them out. But if there happens to be a fictional character who you are wired to respond to in a positive way, tries to flesh out an argument you would usually have a knee jerk reaction against, I think that would at least be...interesting.

How do you unplug?

Music. Usually hip hop. There's no foul mood a good bass line can't fix.

What's the biggest lesson you learned this past year?

Have the patience to let things manifest.

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