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Meet Shelcy and Christy

Shelcy and Christy Joseph combine to form the NYC fashion and lifestyle storytelling duo known as NYCXCLOTHES. The sisters curate a stunning Instagram and Youtube channel where they work towards their mission to empower women to explore their full potential and do so in style. They've recently started hosting wellness events to bolster that mission as well. 


Why do you do what you do?

Because life can get pretty hard and in those moments, being surrounded by people who want the best for you is key if you're going to keep pushing. We do what we do to create a community of positive, like-minded and ambitious people who are able to move through life by sharing their stories and empowering each other.

How do you balance your working relationship and your relationship as sisters?

We always make sure to communicate with each other. It helps set clear expectations and understand our differences. One of the reasons we are able to work together so well is because of our similar personalities and outlooks on life. We are sisters and business partners, and although the line between the professional and the personal is blurry, it works out pretty well because we don't hold back from telling each other the way we feel.

Tell us about a failure you're grateful for.

One of our early setbacks was not treating our creative outlet as a possible business because we underestimated the impact it could have. In hindsight, we just didn't want to lose our interest from turning it into a "job", but we aren't any less passionate about it now that we've committed to taking it seriously.

Where do you go to get inspired?

Everywhere. We draw inspiration from every single interaction, regardless of the location. Whether it be coffee shops, museums, subway trains or just the sidewalks of NYC, we go to places where we are likely to meet people and have stimulating conversations about life. Having a finger on the pulse of what goes on with our generation naturally keeps our creative juices flowing.

When you were kids, what did you each want to be when you grew up?

Chris wanted to be a diplomat. Update: She still wants to be that. She's really good at resolving conflict and she has a huge interest in international relations . Shelcy thought she'd become a teacher (she started teaching other kids how to read and write when she was just 10 years old).

What's the biggest lesson you've learned working together?

We've learned how to identify situations and people who aren't contributing to our growth. There have been so many bumps along the road - whether discovering friendships we thought were real, weren't or meeting acquaintances who were only looking to take advantage of our progress - and it has trained us to recognize negativity in all its forms.

You can follow Shelcy and Christy on Instagram at @NYCXCLOTHES
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