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Hastings -

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  Boston, MA


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the family -

For more than fifty years, Hastings Corporation has been the physician’s choice in ear piercing. After all, they invented the ear piercer. When a third generation inherited this family business, Hastings set out to make their iconic piercing system more accessible, as a product and as a brand.


Working with six things was such a fun, enjoyable process. They really payed attention to our needs and desired outcomes of our rebrand. The outcome felt so true to who we are. Everything was brand new but felt timeless. We we were finally home.”

carolyn curtis, director at hastings corporation

the site -

Seeking to reposition themselves as a consumer product instead of a medical device, Hastings needed a brand overhaul that refreshed their visual identity and a website that could support their direct-to-consumer growth goals. We designed a powerful new website and digital storefront, leaving behind Hastings' clinical presence to reveal a bright, modern and refreshingly human brand feel.

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Hastings 13.jpg


the name -

Historically, the company had gone by CorenPS, the name of the device, itself. Yet, as we dove into Hastings' brand build, it became clear that a family legacy dedicated to quality, satisfaction and service was central to the company's brand story. Once the family was aligned around rebranding as Hastings, we created timeless typographic logo that can represent the Hastings Corporation for the next three generations and beyond.

Hastings 2.0.png
Hastings 1.0.png

the imagery -

When establishing an e-commerce presence, every detail of your visual brand can impact conversions and sales, so we guided the team through the selection of a new, elevated color palette and delivered a library of fresh, on-brand product photography.


logo -


color - 

blue algae
web: #007BA0
pantone: 7705 C
cmyk: 100 23 0 37
web: #5BECFF
pantone: 3105 C
cmyk: 64 7 0 0
web: #625346
pantone: 7770 C
cmyk: 0 15 29 62

typography -

interface: family
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