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Hi Marley -

brand strategy - brand identity - website refresh - demo video




meet marley - 

Hi Marley is the first intelligent conversation platform designed to simply and easily connect people with their insurance companies. the founding team at Hi marley reached out to us to help distill their brand strategy and positioning so they could confidently introduce Marley to the world.



the foundations -

in order to chart the course for hi marley’s brand story, we worked closely with the founding team to identify the most important attributes of the product, personas and use cases. from there, we developed brand positioning geared towards both sides of their dual-sided marketplace, mapping customer pain points to product solutions. armed with this foundation for the brand, we were able to author universal positioning, messaging statements and core slogans - short, punchy statements that connect customer desires with key product benefits.




the voice -

we then began the process of distilling marley herself, a personified voice and tone for the brand. we developed keywords to embody various elements of her character and guidelines for how her personality and spirit should come across along every brand touchpoint.


the video -

armed with marley’s persona, we were able to create a polished demo video that allowed the hi marley team to more effectively convert prospects, onboard users, automate their sales process and bolster their fundraising efforts.