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dedicated to bridging the gap between functional products and empathetic design, vanessa is a classically trained graphic designer turned UX maven.

vanessa serves as founding partner and Head of creative at Six Things. in the last decade, she has established herself as an expert in UI/UX by creating intuitive experiences that delight founding teams almost as much as they delight their users. Named one of the sixty-five women setting a precedent in product management and design, she is a champion for process who brings structure and clarity to every room she enters.

Before starting Six Things, Vanessa worked as an in-house designer, for venture backed companies like Sense, Fashion Project and Swirl where she was able to take innovative home and retail technologies from concept to reality. Prior to that, she worked agency-side with 360 Public Relations where she brought campaigns to life for consumer-facing clients including, Disney, JetBlue and Angry Orchard.

Vanessa earned her B.A. from Simmons College where she studied Design and Public Relations. Committed to passing on her passion for creativity along with the knowledge she’s gained in her career, Vanessa spent five years leading an after-school arts program for at-risk youth in Boston and now spearheads the Six Things Experience Design Fellowship.