Hello, I'm Chelsea Balboni.

“I am a behavioral psychologist turned brand strategist, passionate above all else about the science of engagement. My time designing studies as a cognition researcher, building brands agency-side, launching products in-house and growing ventures as an independent has taught me a lot about what drives people to action. It all boils down to a simple principle: you cannot “create” an authentic brand, an authentic brand is something that emerges from the real, genuine interaction among people.”

What her bio won’t tell you:

Eats a young coconut every morning. Keeps a ukulele in her car. Bats righty and pitches lefty. Has broken both ankles rock climbing. Surfs despite irrational fear of sharks. Speaks Spanish like a Madrileña and French like a kindergartner.

Chelsea Balboni serves as founding partner and Head of Strategy at Six Things. Fueled by her passion for human-centered design and her aptitude for thinking big, Chelsea helps startups and legacy brands alike to seize opportunities for growth and impact.

Before starting Six Things, Chelsea served as a brand strategist and marketing leader at venture-backed startups ReferralMob, IVY and SocialSeam. Before that, Chelsea served as a strategist at boutique marketing agency Captains of Industry, where she designed multi-channel campaigns for global clients in the cleantech sector including Fisker Automotive, EnerNOC, KEMA, CERES and First Wind.

Chelsea earned her B.A. from Columbia University where she studied Psychology and Neuroscience. In her ongoing commitment to cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit, Chelsea serves as a mentor and advisor to Six Things’ portfolio of early-stage founders.