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Hello, I'm Kayci Baldwin.

“I’m a relentless problem solver and a glutton for smart marketing, community building and helping companies find their voice. With a background in sociology, human rights and user acquisition, my passions are grounded in the space in which large scale impact meets human connection.”

What her bio won’t tell you:

Voted “most likely to be president” and “most dramatic” by the Communications High School Class of 2010. Addicted to HGTV. Sang tenor in a co-ed a cappella group. Whips up legendary homemade honey butter. Has four tattoos. Flosses.

Kayci Baldwin serves as founding partner and Head of Brand at Six Things. Bringing together her knack for growth and her love of community building, she takes on the role of user advocate, helping our clients to create brands and experiences that truly resonate with their target audiences.

Before starting Six Things, Kayci worked as an in-house brand strategist, community manager and growth marketer at technology startups ReferralMob and IVY, where she was able to bring people together using her love of content and data driven user acquisition.

Kayci earned her B.A. from Harvard University where she studied Sociology with an emphasis in human rights. In her longstanding dedication to social advocacy, she currently sits on the Advisory Board of Project RACE