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ReferralMob is a platform for professionals to discover and share better career opportunities with their network, getting paid as a recruiter would for bringing companies their next hires.


With a concept for an app that would democratize access to jobs at great companies and eliminate unnecessary friction in the talent acquisition process, Six Things was brought on to engage ReferralMob’s earliest adopters, designing a beta test that would inform product and brand development.

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Establishing the right feedback loops.

We kicked things off by embarking upon an intensive evaluation of the product through user testing. We conducted in-depth interviews with ReferralMob’s primary target markets - jobseekers, employers and well-connected professionals - to identify the advantages and obstacles people faced seeking work, filling a role and making a valuable connection. From these interviews, we built a series of primary and secondary objectives for the beta.

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Cultivating a community of testers.

With the data we collected, we were able to design solutions to the most relevant pain points each of these audiences faced. We constructed detailed personas and user flows for each audience, improving upon the experience of finding a job, filling a role and positioning an opportunity for a friend. We then began cultivating a community of knowledgeable, committed beta testers to validate our assumptions and identify roadblocks and opportunities for an improved user experience.

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Reducing friction across platforms.

Being a dual-sided marketplace with three very different core personas was certainly a complex task, but our biggest design challenge was to build a more seamless experience across ReferralMob's five platforms: iOS, Android, mobile web, desktop web and internal admin dashboard. By conducting platform-specific usability tests, we were able to significantly reduce friction across each of ReferralMob's platforms, helping users pick up where they left off on another device. 

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Brand Colors
Cultivating brand personality.

After the beta was in full swing, we tackled ReferralMob’s brand identity, refining messaging, positioning and visual standards. We developed a bright and cheerful visual motif, accompanied by a quick-witted and punchy brand voice. We tested various brand concepts for "stickiness", and built ReferralMob an arsenal of marketing collateral to aid in their growth and expansion. 



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Ongoing iterative improvement.

In preparation for the growing beta test, we implemented analytics platforms that allowed us to track the entire user journey through the app. We sought validation through real data, letting user behaviors inform design implementation across all platforms. Ultimately, ReferralMob saw improved conversion rates through the utility of the product and brand platform, both within the app and through marketing collateral. We concluded our official single-city pilot with 7K (very active!) users, continuing to refine and iterate, based on the solid relationships we’d cultivated with each and every individual we served.


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