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Brooklyn Boulders

Brooklyn Boulders is pioneering fitness as a lifestyle. With elite training facilities centered around the sport of climbing, the Brooklyn Boulders team sought our help to reimagine their guest’s journey to membership.


Firsthand experience mapping.

We kicked off our engagement by performing an in-depth customer experience analysis. We surveyed legacy data, conversion analytics, digital strategy and positioning. We then designed and piloted a secret shopper program, onboarding at each facility to gain firsthand insights into how guests engage with products, staff and the space, itself.

Converting emotions into actionable data.

We gathered data at physical touchpoints throughout each facility identifying actions, emotions and barriers to entry that could be solved for. We then built a system to measure engagement around products, services and activation strategies. Our findings showed that the most valuable triggers of a positive experience were based on key metrics relating to service, satisfaction and confidence. And so we set out to design a guest journey that delivered the highest degree of those very things.

BKB Product Portfolio 01.jpg
Making the journey feel personal.

With the data, we were able to identify guest profiles with similar goals, desires, motivations and purchasing decisions. We developed three distinct persona profiles representing the highest value market segments and dove into designing ideal journeys for each. We then worked with closely the Brooklyn Boulders team to build a series of classes, courses and offerings around those journeys, each designed to fulfill a need, impart a sense of delight and progress the guest through their intended journey.


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A brand new product portfolio.

In six months time, we designed, prototyped and tested Brooklyn Boulders' new journey-based menu, validating our assumptions along the way. We hosted interviews with secret shoppers, existing members, departmental heads and on-the-ground teams to refine product categories and bundled offerings. We hosted vision sessions with the CEO to better understand the long-view growth goals of the company and the role membership should play. This knowledge armed us with what we needed to build a brand new fitness philosophy, training methodology and engagement strategy around Brooklyn Boulders' offerings. And with that, the Brooklyn Boulders Product Portfolio was born, guiding guests through a seamless and intentional experience from the moment they first set foot through the door, to their membership destination.


BKB Product Portfolio 02.jpg

Bringing the Product Portfolio to life.

We then turned our attention toward the staff to think through how we might design more empathy into the experience of training them on the new product portfolio. So we created #BKBEASTMODE, a company-wide fitness competition branded around the new Brooklyn Boulders training methodology. We built the curriculum, launched the internal campaign and successfully executed two staff competitions before we passed the torch (event execution manual) over to the Brooklyn Boulders team. #BKBEASTMODE has since become a public-facing event series, designed to unite guests and members of Brooklyn Boulders across the nation. 


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