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Tripshare is an app that helps people to inspire, plan, enjoy and remember their globetrotting adventures - together.



With a concept for an app that would allow people everywhere to plan their next vacations collaboratively, the founders of TripShare reached out to Six Things to embark upon a six week journey to create their first clickable prototype.

Designing with Empathy.

We kicked things off with a half-day Product Discovery Workshop that allowed us to align around the founding team’s vision for their technology. Before diving into product requirements, we took a step back to create the persona we would hold ourselves accountable to designing for. We took a deep dive into her wants, needs, aspirations, behaviors and pain points. Getting to know this persona fueled our design thinking, as we charted a course for this user’s journey.

Getting to MVP.

Working with a team of three ambitious co-founders meant never lacking bold and imaginative ideas for features this technology might include. With a goal of creating a minimum viable product, we set out to sort through the potential features to pinpoint the most integral aspects of the app - features that would distinguish it in the marketplace while providing the maximum value to our target persona.


Building for engagement and retention.

One of the greatest challenges in designing TripShare was creating a platform with staying power, considering the fact that most Americans take no more than one vacation per year. With that goal in mind, we set out to make travel planning a discovery based, aspirational experience by building a tool that inspired users to craft dream vacations and bucket list itineraries. Wanderlust at its finest.


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