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We Are Onyx

We Are ONYX is the first ever all-in-one online beauty destination dedicated to women of color. Their flagship product, the ONYXBOX, is a monthly subscription service that curates hair, skin and makeup products with their subscribers’ “melanin in mind”.

Cultivating evangelists.

Like every subscription based service, the biggest challenge ONYX faced was acquiring and maintaining meaningful growth. We stepped in to develop and implement a new user acquisition strategy, converting customers to brand evangelists. Through an integrated digital marketing campaign, leveraging email, social, targeted ad placements, testing and validation, we were able to sink our teeth into our target market's mindset and cultivate traction. In just six months, we increased the ONYX userbase by 220%.



Continued growth.

To enable their continued growth trajectory after our engagement came to an end, we helped the We Are ONYX team find and onboard their first Director of Marketing and trained them with a customized a growth toolkit. This toolkit included guidelines for Facebook advertisements, email marketing, strategic partnerships, seasonal promotions, flash sales and influencer marketing. The We Are ONYX team has continued to cultivate evangelists on a steep trajectory, ever since. 


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